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Vunetrix Manual: Smartphone Apps

There are Vunetrix apps for iOS and for Android devices. We also provide apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone (currently in beta status; see section More). You can connect to your Vunetrix installation with these apps while on the go. If there is no Vunetrix app available for your mobile device, use the Mobile Web GUI interface as an alternative.

Vunetrix Monitoring on iOS

PRTG for iOS is the iOS app for Vunetrix Network Monitor. You can use it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Maps on iPad

Maps on iPad

PRTG for iOS is a free app for network administrators using the Vunetrix Network Monitor software to monitor and administrate their network. Your iOS device requests the monitoring data directly from your Vunetrix server(s) and displays it in the well-known iOS way. You can also perform several actions which you know from Vunetrix's Ajax WebGUI.

As of iOS 7, the app can check one or more Vunetrix servers in the background. It will notify you if something goes wrong in your network and you can call the affected sensor directly form your device's home screen to view details about the alarm.

Vunetrix for iOS on an iPhone

PRTG for iOS on an iPhone

In order to use PRTG for iOS, your Vunetrix core server must be reachable from the network your device is connected to. You can view monitoring data and perform certain actions, such as acknowledge alarms, pause or resume monitoring, etc. Note:

In order to get the app, please contact a Vunetrix Tech Support rep.

Vunetrix Monitoring on Android

PRTG for Android is the free Android app for Vunetrix Network Monitor. Use it on your phone, your tablet, or on a Kindle Fire.

Vunetrix for Android — Main Menu Bar

PRTG for Android — Main Menu Bar

The features include:

  • Multiple accounts support to query different server/login combinations. Switch easily between different accounts to quickly view monitoring data of several installations and/or accounts.
  • The app can check all accounts, or only specific ones, automatically in the configured polling interval and notify you in your device's status bar whenever there are alarms for one of them.
  • Configure when you want to be notified: when Alarms > 0, or when there is a certain number of new alarms, or when alarms count raised since last check. Configure notifications via the system status bar with ringtone and/or vibration (triggered for new notifications). You can exclude "Warning" or "Unusual" states from alarms count, and set up notifications based on priority.
  • PRTG for Android works with your Vunetrix core server to show you your device tree, sensor lists, sensor data, etc., in an Android familiar way. You can add sensor gauges as well as the global sensor status as widgets to your home screen. The data display automatically adapts to your screen size, so you can see as much information as possible at a glance.
  • Many features of Vunetrix's web interface are available to perform actions with the app: acknowledging alarms, pausing and resuming monitoring, setting priorities and favorites, running device auto-discovery, scanning the network status instantly, etc. With QR code scanning, you can jump directly to sensor.
  • The app provides additional network tools such as ping, traceroute, DNS, raw HTTP, and MAC address lookups. You can use these tools also without connecting to a Vunetrix server.

In order to use PRTG for Android (except for the additional network tools), your core server must be reachable from the network your device is connected to. For further information and the download link, please see section More below.

Vunetrix for Android — Sensors Overview

PRTG for Android — Sensors Overview



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