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Vunetrix Manual: Notifications

Notifications are used to send alerts to the user whenever Vunetrix discovers a defined status, such as slow or failing sensors, or when threshold values are breached. You can define an unlimited number of notifications allowing to use one, or more, of several communication channels like email, text messaging, and many more.


Notifications can be triggered by:

  • Sensor status changes
    For example, when a sensor changes status to Up or Down, if responses are slow, or sensors show an Unusual status.
  • Sensor value threshold breaches
    For example, when a sensor shows a request time higher than 1,000 ms for more than 30 minutes.
  • Speed threshold breaches
    For example, when a traffic sensor shows more than 1 Mbit/s for more than 5 minutes.
  • Volume threshold breaches
    For example, when a traffic sensor shows more than 1 Gbyte transferred in 24 hours.
  • Sensor value changes
    For some sensors you can trigger a notification whenever the value changes, for example, when monitoring files on a hard disk drive.

A notification can be one of these actions:

  • Send Email
  • Add Entry to Event Log
  • Send Syslog Message
  • Send SNMP Trap
  • Send SMS/Pager Message
  • Execute HTTP Action
  • Execute Program
  • Send Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) Message
  • Assign Ticket

For details, see section Account Settings—Notifications.

Note: Usually there are three successive attempts to deliver a notification. If all of these attempts fail, the notification is lost.

Notifications can contain valuable sensor information, such as:

  • Last error message
  • Last good/failed request
  • Total downtime
  • Total uptime
  • Recent sensor history
  • A direct link to the web interface

Notifications Setup

There are three steps to take in order to use notifications with Vunetrix. Please go through all of them:

  1. Check and set up the Notification Delivery settings. This will tell Vunetrix how to send messages.
    For detailed information, see System Administration—Notification Delivery.
  2. Check and set up several Notifications. This will define the kind of message and its content.
    For detailed information, see Account Settings—Notifications.
  3. Check and set up Notification Triggers for objects. These will provoke the defined notifications.
    For detailed information, see Sensor Notifications Settings.

See section Setting Up Notifications Based on Sensor Limits: Example for a step-by-step guide describing a potential notifications setup.



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